MoVI Rentals Inc.

MoVi Rentals Inc. offers an extensive roster of experienced Local 600 MoVI Operators.

Custom INOVATIV Cart -  MoVI  w/ Red Carbon Fiber Dragon

Custom INOVATIV Cart - MoVI w/ Red Carbon Fiber Dragon


- Cameras -

ARRI Alexa Mini

ARRI 235 35mm Film Camera

ARRI Alexa M

AATON A-Minima 16mm Film Camera

 Sony F55

RED Epic

Canon C300

and many other cameras.




– We require all M0VI rentals to go out with a Certified Technician or Operator –


What's in one of our packages?

- Detailed Inventory -

MōVI PRO Gimbal

MōVI Allen (Black)

MōVI Allen (Yellow)

Toad In The Hole Quick Release - Toad In The Hole Quick Release

Allows gimbal to be attached to toad in the hole “Male” Adapter (Dolly, Crane, etc.)

MōVI Camera Plate (Dovetail)

MōVI Rod Mount Adapter

15mm Iris Rod 2in

15mm Iris Rod 3in

MōVI CF Accessory Mounting Bracket

Asus Nexus 7 Tablet

Casebot Nexus 7 Case

Nexus 7 AC Adapter

Nexus Power Charger

MōVI Ring

24" Extended Carbon Fiber Rods


Teradek Bolt Pro TX (Transmitter) 

Travels mounted to the MōVI Crossbar

Marshall - Sony Battery Plate Adapt. to Teradek 2pin Lemo

Teradeck Mounting Bolt & Washer

3G-SDI BNC Cable (Micro)

MicroThin Red LCD/EVF 3ft Cable

MicroThin HDMI 3ft

 Ultralight Flex Arm


Teradek Bolt Pro RX (Reciever) 1

Stays mounted to back of DP7

Teradek Ptap to 2pin Lemo Power Cable

Teradek AC to 2pin Lemo Power Cable


Teradek Bolt Pro RX (Receiver) 2

Additional receiver for VTR.

Teradek Ptap to 2pin Lemo Power Cable

Teradek AC to 2pin Lemo Power Cable


Small HD DP4 w/ Screen Protector

Small HD DP4 Hoodman

Zucuto 15mm Rod adapter

MōVI Carbon Fiber Ring


Freefly Systems MōVI Controller

Freefly Controller

MōVI Controller AC Power adapter

AC Adapter - Tip4 12v 5A

MōVI Controller Neck Strap


Small HD - AC7 w/ Screen Protector

PTap to AC-7 DC Power Cable 

Small HD AC7 Hoodman

BNC 10in


Cinema Oxide C-Stand MōVI Mount

MōVI M15 baby receiver stand

Additional MōVI Docking Stand


IDX V Lock Adapter plate w/ carbon fiber mounting plate

set of 4 additional mounting screws and 6 spacers

IDX V Mount Carrying Pouch

Voltage Guage

8X - Freefly LiPo Battery Pack - Labeled 1-8

LiPo Safe Battery bags

Batteries must travel in fire safe bags

Freefly LiPo Charger

Freefly Battery Banana Cable

Black / Red cable. Connects Battery to Charger

Freefly Battery AC Adapter Cable

2 prong OSHA Cable Connects to Charger

6X - WATSON B-4203 Battery Pack

Sony NPF-330 Batteries

WATSON Duo Charger

WATSON AC Power Cable 

WATSON Car Charging Power Cable 

3X - Freefly Toad (Male Adapter)


IDX E-7S Endura Lithium-Ion V-Mount Battery

6X - IDX VL-7S Endura 4 Channel Lithium - Ion Battery Charger

Osha Cable

AC Cable 


Cmotion Compact ONE Wireless Follow Focus Remote

Compact Camin ONE Moduler

Heden Lightweight Motor

15mm motor mounting bracket 

Drive Gear 0,4 _ 0,5 _ 0,6 _ 0,8

Marker Ring

Power Cable (RED) 24”

2 pin lemo to Ptap

Power Cable (RED) 12”

2 pin lemo to Ptap

Motor Cable (DM) (BLUE) 24”

7 pin lemo to 7 pin lemo

Motor Cable (DM) (BLUE) 18”

7 pin lemo to 7 pin lemo

Power Start/Stop Cable 24"

Ptap to 10 pin lemo / BNC

Power Start/Stop Cable 12”

Ptap to 10 pin lemo / BNC

Replacement 15mm Collar 

Cmotion Battery

Cmotion Battery Charger



INOVATIV Scout 37 Crossbar

INOVATIV Quick Grips 

INOVATIV 5/8 Baby Pin Mast Adapter

Supports Cinema Oxide C-Stand MōVI Mount w/ MōVI

INOVATIV 5/8 Baby Pin System

Supports up to 25” Monitor 


INOVATIV Foot Brakes

INOVATIV Scout 37 Travel Case



Yellow Pouch (Tools)

Set of Standard Allens

Set of Metric Allens

Set of Star Allens 

Flat Head Screw Driver

Philips Head Screw Driver

Crescent wrench

Needle Nose Plyers

Orange Pouch



Dual Lock

1X Roll of Gorilla Tape 1inch

Bag of Bongo Ties

1 X roll of Safety Tape (Color Black)


Freefly Battery to D-tap connector

Freefly Battery to 2 Pin Lemo

HDMI 90 Degree Female to Male Adapter

MōVI M10 Repair / Emergency Kit Includes:

(1) Replacement IMU Puck Cable

(2) Gimbal Controller to Motor Drive Cable

(10) 150mm Zip-tie

(10) 100mm Zip-tie

(10) 70mm Zip-tie

(2) Bolt ¼-20 x ½” FHCS

(1) Bolt ¼-20 x \” FHCS

(4) ¼ Aluminum Spacers

(1) Accessory Mount

(8) Small O-rings

(8) Large O-rings

(2) Plastic Toggle Lever

(2) Aluminum Lever hinge

(8) Double Stick Mounting Tape

(8) M3x45 Socket Head Screws

(8) M3x40 Socket Head Screws

(8) M3x37 Socket Head Screws

(8) M3x8 Socket Head Screws

(10) M3x8 Button Head Screws

(3) M4x10 Button Head Screws

(3) M4 Washer

(10) Press Nuts

Small Bag of 3 Screws:

(2) Bolt ¼-20 x ½” FHCS

(1) Bolt ¼-20 x \” FHCS

BNC Barrels 

Small HD Screen Wipe