MoVI Rentals Inc.

MoVi Rentals Inc. offers an extensive roster of experienced Local 600 MoVI Operators.

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Who is MoVI Rentals Inc. ?

Having worked with the MoVI from its early days of conception, MoVi Rentals Inc. offers an extensive roster of experienced MoVI Technicians and Operators that have utilized the tool in every conceivable situation. Our team of techs and operators are technically proficient and can help find creative solutions to "get the shot". 

Link to FreeFly Systems Website (Creator of the MoVI)


What is the MoVI ?

The MoVI is a digital 3-axis gyro-stabilized camera gimbal. Using a combination of inertia, motors, gyros and accelerometers to stabilize the camera's movements, the MoVI can be used with one or two operators to generate smooth footage for almost any shot imaginable. From handheld running to remote head crane work, the MoVI is versatile while remaining small and light weight-- it is even compact enough to be easily handed through a window from one operator to another. 


Our Partners:

FREELY SYSTEMS : Who better to collaborate with than Freefly Systems. We teamed up with the guys that created the MoVi by joining their Ambassador Program,.

READY RIG : When we need extra support or simply want to reduce movement on the Y axis we turn to Ready Rig as our go to gimbal support system.

INOVATIV CARTS : As the MoVI grows and becomes a more sought after tool on set, so does our specialized team of Operators & Technicians. With jobs stretching all over the world we have found ourselves requiring more specialized tools while on set. Having a lightweight/compact cart that can facilitate a workspace for our Techs, a docking station for the MoVI and monitors for dual operating. MoVI Rentals Inc. reached out to INOVATIV CARTS for their help. They have since then began to sponsor us and assist us with our specialized needs. 

1A TOOLS : We've equipped each of our MoVI Packages with one of 1A tools Tripod Adapters. This valuable tool allows us to remove the camera off the MoVi and then land onto a quick release plate than can either lock into a RBQ or even a head on sticks to grab a quick shot.